Sunday, February 17, 2008

Two nights of dark

Over the last two nights I have had a growler of Great Lakes Brewing Woodtooth Porter and New Hollands Night Tripper Imperial Stout

GLBC Woodtooth Porter is a pub exclusive molasses porter, tasted like strongly sugared coffee. Unfortunately it was a little flat because I let the growler sit for two days before opening. Well worth having fresh on draft.

New Holland Night Tripper
Over the last couple days I have seen some really good review about this one and had to try it for myself. Has a smell of coffee roast with a hint of alcohol. The taste is of roasted coffee and dark chocolate, it does get some sweetness of molasses, and has a slight hint of hops in the bitter (more earthy and less citrus). There is also a noticeable alcohol that is carried up into the nose.

Also, expect to see my views on the new Hoppin' Frog Silk Porter. If I get creative I may let you know how it is with coffee beans soaking in it (thank you fred for that wonder full idea).


Mayor Adam West said...

Thanks, for the bottle of the HF Silk. I am so looking forward to it. Do you know if Fred will be brewing it year round of is this a one off? I forgot to tell you the other day… I’m going to attempt home brewing… Wish me luck.

PS. If I posted this twice I'm sorry.

chimney said...

This was emailed to me from Fred of Hoppin' Frog Brewery.

Silk Porter is a year 'round beer for Hoppin' Frog. In fact, all of them are for us. But the push for lighter beers like the Wild Frog Wheat by the distributors in spring and summer - bummer! I make it all year 'round, but they don't always think there's a market for it all year. so....ask for it if you want it - its available here at the brewery for sale and distribution. Distributors don't always want to carry all the beers from a brewery, due to shelf and storage space. But if they know there's a market for it, they'll want to carry it. Also, I'm hoping to start distribution in Chicago in the next few months with a newly established distributor!! The rest of Illinois has Hoppin' Frog beer available through a distributor called Specialty Imports, if needed. See for this distributor contact info.
Cheers!! - Fred, Hoppin' Frog BC

Fred, thank you so much for your reply even if you were not able to post it yourself.