Wednesday, February 20, 2008

hopping and slamming into chocolate

Since yesterday was my day off work I tried quite a few different beers, two of them were Bell's Hopslam and the Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout. The third one needs a post of it's own, but i will give you a hint, "thanks Fred".

Bell's Hopslam
The smell is a noticeable strong citrus hops. The taste also has the strong citrus hops but there is a slight hint of "kitty litter" gravel earth in the hops. The strong hops is well balanced with a slight malt that comes from a very subtle hint of honey which is very easy to miss unless you are looking for it. Even though it is 10% the alcohol is very well hidden and over all is quite enjoyable.

Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout
Had this one back on January 30th and thoroughly enjoyed it. Unfortunately this time my pallet was completely killed by the spicy dinner that I had, but this beer's smooth dark chocolate taste with a hint of coffee roast works very well at smoothing out spicy flavors, and making them much more manageable. Also, last time I noticed that it had a slight hint of chalk, almost like a necco chocolate wafer (and I loved those as a kid).

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