Wednesday, February 27, 2008

the joy of wood

on friday 02-22-2008 i went out and did some beer shopping to pick up a few requested bell's items for a friend in chicago and found that rozi's just got the dogfish head palo santo in stock. with out a second thought i pickup some up; the only pondering i had was if i should get one or two four packs, and of course i got two. Unfortunately it wasn't quite cool enough to have right away so i had to let it sit in the beer fridge for a couple hours.

When i was finally able to open it had a smell with some roast and some sweetness. the taste had a lot of very interesting flavors that i couldn't quite place and were very new for me. although the sweetness had a hint of brown sugar, there was also some other very interesting flavor that i couldn't label. i did notice a nice richness in the taste most likely from the wood aging. the body and texture were both very rich, creamy, heavy, and almost chewy. at first it kind of felt flat; but as it warmed i realized that it wasn't flatness i felt, but it was an amazing rich and creamy chewiness from this beer's crazy amount of malt that i was feeling.

i also had this beer the night after and got a lot of the same tastes and textures, such as the very heavy malt texture, as the night before. but this time i was able to place some of those "interesting" flavors from the previous night. this time i noticed much more wood and wood sap around the sweetness, and the alcohol started to come out a little more as well. i am really curious to see how this beer ages, and if i can hang on to some of it long enough to find out.

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