Friday, February 22, 2008

Melting a Beer Engine...

So over the past couple days I have tried quite a few different things. It has been a combination of going to Melt bar and Grilled, Buckeye Beer Engine, and a few things at home.

Melt Bar and Grilled
==Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale on draft
Both the smell and taste had a hint of nut. Some bitter and a roast that is blended in with a burnt molasses sweetness, and as it warms some metallic comes out in the bitter. Over all very good and enjoyable.
==Great Divide Herculies IPA on draft
I have had this before in the bottle and got much more malt that time than this time. I am not sure if it was from previous beers or my sour (kraut) dinner, but i got much more citrus and gravel hops. It also may be that this keg has aged more than the bottle that I previously had and lost some hops.

Buckeye Beer Engine
==Bell's Double Cream Stout on cask draft
Really sweet, along the lines of sweet cream. Hint of roast and slight sour. The beer engine did add a very nice smooth and creamy texture, and was quite enjoyable.
==Great Divide St. Bridgettes Porter
Not as sweet as the Double Cream but with some added nutty brown taste instead. Any chocolate that this one has comes out more as it warms.

==Great Divide Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout
Mostly sweet with a hint of roast. There was some creaminess with a noticeable alcohol and silght off flavor that may have been from the hops or oak.
==Bell's Hopslam (a couple times)
Had this one before and this time is was quite a bit more malty and more subdued hops that before. Very easy to enjoy when building routers ;)
==Dogfish Head Golden Era
Very slight pilsner skunk in the bitter with some metallic. Malt was the major flavor with a nice smooth creaminess.
==Goose Island Imperial IPA
The smell had a strong citrus with some floral/gravel bitter. The taste had much more malt, a stong alcohol, and just a hint of bitter from the hops that I smelled.

And, coming soon; Dog Fish Head Palo Santo Marron ;)

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