Wednesday, February 27, 2008

lots of cars and a winey gargoyle

on sunday 02-24-2008 i went to the cleveland auto show at the i x center with my husband and some of his family. after a long day of quickly walking around and looking at lots of cars we decided that it was time to have snack and a couple drinks. based on what a saw on the exhibit floor for beer selection i wasn't very hopeful that they would have anything that i wanted. but after we went over to the food court and saw there were a couple full bars i looked closer and saw they had a cooler with small selection that i knew i would enjoy. the biggest surprise was that they had about six bottles of rodenbach.

at the auto show i had a guinness extra stout bottle, followed by a thirty dog balto bottle. after we got home i tried out the new stone 2008 old guardian barley wine.

guinness extra stout
the classic guinness sour flavor was slightly more pronounced, i am wondering if this is because it is the extra stout and doesn't have the nitrogen widget.

thirsty dog balto
had a nice sweetness from the malt that was some what honey like. there was also a subtle hint of hops that was well blended in with the malt.

stone 2008 old guardian barley wine
after enjoying the 2007 old guardian last year i knew that i had to try the 2008. i found that this one had four noticeable stages in the taste. first it started with strong hops, then the heavy malt started to shine through, after that the alcohol became noticeable, and then it finished with the malt coming back out as the predominate flavor. i am very interested to see how this one ages and to go back and try the one bottle of 2007 that i have left.

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