Thursday, February 14, 2008

Great Lakes Brewing Co. Barley Wine Tapping

Last night I went to GLBC with my partner for dinner and to attend the GLBC Barley Wine tapping.

With dinner I had this years Black out stout;
Little hoppy, light sweetness, noticeable roast that lasts, some alcohol at the very end that is noticed in the back of the mouth

For the Barley Wine tapping they had both the GLBC and Rock Bottom's available; it was very interesting trying two different, and new for each brewer, Barley Wines;
GLBC - Strong citrus hop in the smell that isn't noticeable in the taste until after it gets to room temperature. The taste had a very interisting calamel cream sweetness that didn't make the body heavy or syrupy. Like the hops, the alcohol wasn't noticeable until after the beer came to room temperature. I did also notice some very suble similarities to GLBC's Rack House Ale mostly in how the sweetness starts.
RB - Very thick and syrup like in the body, but still very easy on the palet. Slight hint of roast and a start of dark caramel in the sweetness. There was a hint of port wine in the way the sweetness was presented after it started to warm. Short side note; this is from the same batch that I had at the Rock Bottom Winter Warmer Festival, but has a completely different flavor. Not sure if it was just my palet at the RBWWF or how the Barley Wine was served that caused such a drastic change in the flavor.

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