Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Little Taste of Holland

A couple days after the start of the month I had both the New Holland Tulip Red, and the New Holland Pilgrim's Dole Wheat Wine. Even though they were had two days apart, it was nice to try two totally different things from the same brewery.

The Tulip Red was at at the Lakewood Winking Lizard on draft, nothing overly complex, but very easy drinking and quite refreshing. There was a nice rich creamy taste and texture with just a hint of bitter; there was also some sweetness and malt flavor with just a hint of honey.

The Pilgrim's Dole was a very interesting one to have, the biggest surprise was it's lack of strong "Barley Wine" sweetness. For what sweetness I could get it was along the lines of caramel. I also noticed that this one strongly reminded me of some British Barley Wines, in the regards of having a "off" flavor that I can not place. My best guess is that this may be from the heavy amount of wheat; though I should do some research to see if, and how much, wheat British Barley Wines may use. As for hops, I did not find many bitter hops but did find some nice and interesting flavor hops. The hop flavor that I got was very earthy and was kind of like cilantro or parsley.

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